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Headache Relief

Tired of dealing with migraine, headaches, and neck pain?


Don't continue to let headache pain take over your life. Find relief through physical therapy!

Return to a headache-free lifestyle with proven solutions for natural pain relief. At Kelos Physical Therapy treatments solely focus on headache disorders and can develop the individualized plan you need to reduce your chronic pain. Putting you back onto the path to a healthy and active life.

Say goodbye to the days of being held back by headaches and neck pain!


With a customized physical therapy treatment plan tailored to your specific headache type, we can work towards achieving a life with less restrictions due to chronic pain.

Take charge of your life today!


Contact us now for a personalized physical therapy program — find out how physical therapy can be your solution for natural pain relief.

Take Back Control of Your Head

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Step 2

Step 3

Discover the cause of your headache and related triggers

Develop an optimal plan of care and address the primary triggers related to your condition

Get Back to Your Life with more headache-free days!


Free Consultation

Ready to start living life without headaches? We want to help you do just that.

Book a free Headache Consultation with us today and be one step closer to finding real long-term solutions. We are expertly trained in identifying the source of your headache and providing the care you need.

Don’t let frequent headaches prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest — schedule a free consultation now and get your headache-free journey started!

Client Testimonials


I can't express enough how wonderful Sam is and the impact his expertise has had on my headache/neck pain. I've had increasingly worse head/neck aches since my mid-thirties and have been through several neurologists...And the pain has been consistently more frequent and more intense...after a few weeks of therapy and exercises I can honestly say I don't remember feeling this good and being this pain free!!


Sam is a fantastic person, he's really knowledgeable about the science behind why the treatment works, he's an attentive listener and asks great questions. If you've ever been to a neurologist for your migraines and felt like your pain was dismissed or you weren't being listened to, you'll get the opposite experience working with Sam.

Mike D.

Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and went the extra mile to help me relieve the headaches. After listening to my problem, he came up with a personal plan suited for my needs and my limitations, and knows that there isn't a one size fits all approach (something I've had trouble with at other clinics).

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