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Say Goodbye to Neck Pain and Headaches

with Kelos Physical Therapy

Are you tired of waking up each day with that nagging neck pain or battling debilitating headaches or migraine? You're not alone.


Many individuals suffer from these same problems, but the good news is that relief is within reach.


At Kelos Physical Therapy, I specialize in providing custom solutions that address the root causes of your neck pain and headaches or migraine, offering you a path to a more pain-free life.

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Identify the Problem

The Connection: Neck Pain, Headaches, and Migraine

Have you ever wondered why your neck pain seems to trigger those throbbing headaches or migraine attacks? It's not a coincidence.


The truth is, the connection between neck pain and headaches/migraine is often overlooked. Many non-specialized physical therapists treat the neck pain first, but that approach often falls short of providing lasting relief.


This is because neck pain associated with headache is not necessarily due to a problem with your neck!


Neck pain is common symptom of migraine; neck pain can trigger a migraine attack; neck pain can be referred from migraine; neck pain can be due to neck dysfunction and cause a headache.


Differentiating the source of neck pain and it's relationship with your headaches is crucial for creating a plan of care that is optimized to address your unique condition.

The Consequences of Waitng

Ignoring this connection can lead to prolonged discomfort, missed opportunities, and reduced quality of life. Don't let neck pain and headaches or migraine attacks hold you back any longer.


Without proper assessment and treatment, the intensity and frequency of headaches and neck pain can increase. Chronic pain conditions often become harder to manage over time.

Getting the treatment you deserve earlier can prevent worsening of the headache and help further decrease the impact they have on your daily life.

Take the First Step to a Pain-Free Life 

Book Your Free 15-Minute Consultation

Are you ready to find relief from persistent neck pain and headaches?


Begin your path to more pain-free days by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation with your headache expert at Kelos Physical Therapy.


In this initial meeting, we'll talk about your specific issues, provide answers to your questions, and craft a tailored strategy aimed at guiding you towards recovery.


It's your first step towards regaining control over your health and embracing a life free from pain

Kelos Physical Therapy - Your Trusted Guide

We Understand Your Pain


Before I started treating headache disorders. I, too, was having headaches with neck pain 3 to 4 times a week when I started my PT career.


This was starting to effect my work, causing me to miss days, then try to make up that time over the weekend. Frequent pain was causing me to miss time doing the things I loved with the people I loved.

At Kelos Physical Therapy, I know how debilitating neck pain, headaches, or migraine attacks can be. I'm dedicated to understanding your unique situation and crafting a personalized plan to target the root causes of your discomfort.


My Unique Approach


At Kelos Physical Therapy, my approach to treating headaches and neck pain goes beyond conventional methods. I start by conducting a thorough analysis to identify the root causes of your discomfort, including lifestyle factors and environmental triggers.


This comprehensive evaluation informs the creation of a tailored care plan, designed to address not just the symptoms, but the underlying issues contributing to your pain.


My goal is to not only provide relief from the immediate pain but also to empower you with strategies to prevent future occurrences. This is achieved through a combination of targeted physical therapy techniques, education, and guidance on self-care practices.


I focus on natural methods of pain relief, using a variety of hands-on therapy techniques, exercises, and stretches that are specific to your unique headache type.


This personalized approach ensures that you receive care that is not only effective but also sustainable, ultimately improving your overall quality of life

The Kelos Difference

Why Choose Kelos Physical Therapy?


Specialized Expertise: My focus at Kelos Physical Therapy is specifically on headaches, migraine, and their connection to neck pain. This specialization means you receive care from someone deeply knowledgeable about these interconnected issues.


Customized Solutions: Recognizing the unique nature of each individual's headache condition, I provide treatment plans that are specifically tailored to your personal needs and symptoms. This approach ensures that you receive the most effective and targeted therapy.


Proven Results: The success stories of those I've helped are a testament to the effectiveness of my approach. Many clients have found significant and lasting relief from their headache and migraine symptoms under my care.


Don’t take our word for it… Here is what our clients are saying:

I decided to give Kelos Physical Therapy a try.  Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and went the extra mile to help me relieve the headaches. After listening to my problem, he came up with a personal plan suited for my needs and my limitations, and knows that there isn't a one size fits all approach (something I've had trouble with at other clinics).  He also equipped me with the tools I need to mitigate the headaches and what to do in case of an attack.

Schedule Your Consultation Now!

Don't let neck pain and headaches or migraine control your life any longer.


Kelos Physical Therapy is here to guide you towards a pain-free future. Take action today, and let us be your trusted partner on this journey to wellness.


At Kelos Physical Therapy, I'm committed to helping you regain control over your life by addressing the root causes of your neck pain and headaches or migraine.


Join our growing list of success stories and start your journey to a pain-free life.


Book your free 15-minute consultation now, and take the first step towards a brighter, pain-free future.

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