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Active Headache Recovery

Migraine is a complex neurological disorder that can lead to significant disability and negatively effective one’s quality of life. Treating this condition requires a comprehensive approach that addresses each factor related to the individual’s unique migraine presentation.


Active Headache Recovery is a individualized approach to non-pharmacological treatment of your migraine disease. The program combines education, exercise, and lifestyle modification to improve self-management strategies and decrease attack frequency.

This program is a comprehensive 13-week program that will help to reduce migraine frequency and improve your quality of life! 

If you're interested in learning more about this program and if it's a good fit for you schedule a free consultation!

The 4 Pillars of Active Headache Recovery

Shira S.

I chose to work with Sam because I was stuck in a bad, long-term migraine loop. I'd been working with my neurologist but knew there had to be another option besides more medications and injections. Since I was interested in a natural approach that targeted the core issues contributing to my migraines, Sam's program was the right choice for me. Since working with Sam, I have far fewer migraines, more control over my migraine triggers, and I have the confidence that I don't have to be anxious about if and when I'll get a migraine. I've also drastically improved the strength of my neck, which I never thought I'd be able to do. The length of the program was great for me, and Sam always gave 150% in every session. I was also pleasantly surprised at the high level of health coaching that was involved. It reminded me that it's so valuable to have someone professional outside of your own brain support you in lifestyle tweaks and adjustments. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone suffering with migraines. I can't thank you enough, Sam!

Kourtney J.

Before working with Sam, I had daily moderate to severe headaches, but wasn't sure what caused them. I assumed they were related to stress and/or fatigue, but Sam helped me figure out that they are actually related to changes in my blood sugar. After going through the program, my headaches have gone from moderate or severe to mild, and I'm averaging one instead of two per day. Also, I am now having 2-3 headache-free days per week!!! Sam also gave me exercises to help relax the muscles in my jaw, as I have TMJ. To help with the stress that contributes to TMJ, he recommended meditation, which I really enjoy doing to relax! If you're on the fence about working with Sam, get off the fence and commit! He will help you come up with solutions that are realistic for you, and helps you implement those solutions into your life. His support and accountability were key for me to get good results. Thank you Sam for helping me alleviate the headaches that plagued me for TEN YEARS!


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