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4 Ways A Physical Therapist Can Help You With Migraine!

1. Identify MSK impairments - migraine is often occurs with neck pain at some point during attacks. about 80% of sufferers report neck pain as a symptom during an attack. However, not all neck pain is due to cervical spine impairments. This is where a thorough assessment can be helpful in identify sources of neck pain and creating an appropriate plan of care to address the pain.

2. Establish an exercise plan - Aerobic exercise has been shown to be a crucial part of the non-pharmacological treatment of those with migraine. A PT can help develop and implement an exercise program. This can be especially helpful for those with exercise-induced triggers.

3. ID and treat triggers - Migraine has many different triggers, and they are unique to the individual. A PT can help start a headache journal and identify patterns/triggers related to your specific condition. Then create plans on how to address modifiable triggers.

4. Provide Support. Chronic pain can be overwhelming and stressful. With its ups and downs it can be difficult to be sure if what your doing is help or to stay on track with treatment plans. PTs can help provide reassurance and guidance around your pain, and keep you on track.


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