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Why Physical Therapy Didn't Work To Fix Your Headache!

Those with headache and migraine disorders often are referred to PTs to help address head and neck pain.

While this is a great referral, there is one BIG problem on why many going to physical therapy are not seeing improvements!

It’s because not enough PTs actually know about headache and migraine disorders.

A survey done by Dale et al in 2020 demonstrated how inadequately PTs are prepared to treat these conditions.

In this survey they show that PTs accurately classified patients with migraines 41.7% of the time; Tension-type headaches were properly classified 32.3% of the time; and cervicogenic headaches 54.8%.

The study also showed only 26.4% were familiar with International Headache Society (IHS) classification criteria.

Inaccurate diagnosis of headache disorders lead to poor outcomes because the plan of care that is developed doesn’t align with the pathophysiology of the condition they present with.

Inaccurate diagnosis = poor plan of care = ineffective treatments = continued pain.

If you’ve tried PT before to help your headache or migraine condition and it failed to help you have hope. It’s probable that you didn’t have the best PT for your specific condition!

There are PTs that are knowledgeable and well-trained in treating headache disorders out there to help you with your condition! So keep trying to find the specialist that is best for you!

Ready to work with a PT that IS an expert in treating headache disorders? Sign up for a free consult today to learn more!


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